18 Ogo 2018


Tayangan: 16 Ogos 2018
Bahasa: Melayu
Genre: Animasi 
Klasifikasi: U
Pengarah: Carl Mendez    
Pelakon: Zizan Razak, Johan, Lisa Surihani, Norman Abdul Halim

Wheely sebuah teksi yang berjiwa pelumba menyimpan hasrat untuk menjadi raja jalanan di Kota Gasket. Semasa bertugas, Wheely terserempak dengan bintang terkenal Itali bernama Bella Di Monetti dan jatuh hati dengan model golongan atasan tersebut yang cantik namun rendah diri.
Sering berlumba di jalanan dan dipandang rendah oleh golongan elitis, Wheely dan sahabat baiknya Putt Putt terpaksa berdepan dengan sindiket jenayah diketuai Kaiser iaitu sebuah treler gergasi yang menculik kenderaan-kenderaan mewah.

KRU Studios, melalui anak syrikatnya Kartun Studio kembali dengan filem aninasi terbaru setelah Ribbit. Filem animasi aksi komedi arahan Yusry Abdul Halim itu akan berada di seluruh pawagam negara mulai 16 Ogos ini dalam versi bahasa Malaysia dan Inggeris., Filem ini yang mengambil masa empat tahun untuk disiapkan menggunakan kru dan tenaga produksi tempatan sepenuhnya termasuk pelajar KRU Academy. 

Penerbit Eksekutif filem Wheely, Datuk Norman Abdul Halim memberitahu, filem ini telah menelan belanja sebanyak RM10 juta untuk dihasilkan dan menggunakan suara selebriti terkenal seperti Zizan Razak, Johan Raja Lawak dan Lisa Surihani. Animasi edaran Primeworks Studios itu juga akan ditayang di Brunei dan Russia pada tarikh sama. Paling membanggakan, Wheely akan diedarkan di 100 buah negara di dunia antaranya China, Korea Selatan, Jerman, Indonesia, Thailand, dan Hong Kong. Hebat kan….

8 ulasan:

  1. Don't watch "Wheely" I knew this movie was going to be somewhat "b-grade" and riding on the coat tails of Disney and Pixar's Cars... but I wasn't expecting such an overall bad movie. It was seriously terrible. TERRIBLE. I wonder if the better known actors that appeared in the movie knew what the producers were planning to release. The dialog didn't even flow. It was a very basic and done-before plot and they couldn't even make it hold my kids attention. They love movie night. But this just had them bored, they got up and found their toys and played in front of the TV, not even looking up. Like they knew it wasn't a real movie. No character depth (at all). Bad animation that was just clearly trying to copy a "style" of Disney of Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Planes, Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia, Moana, Raya and the Last Dragon and Encanto - but didn't cut it in any way. This was a waste of my money and my kids time. I was bitterly disappointed and am somewhat angry (partly at my self for not looking at reviews first) that I ever got this movie for them. Don't see this movie, it doesn't deserve any attention. It's shameful. Oh and here's example...
    1.Wheely - Lightning McQueen
    2.Putt Putt - Mater
    3.Bella - Sally Carrera
    4.Momma - Flo
    5.Ben - Jackson Storm
    6.Kaiser - Dr. Frankenwagon's Monster
    7.Frank - Fillmore
    8.Sergeant Street - Sheriff

    1. It also copied Planes and Turbo for example
      1.Wheely - Dusty Crophopper and Turbo
      2.Putt Putt - El Chupacabra and Tito
      3.Bella - Ishani and Burn
      4.Momma - Barbara Ennid and Kim-Ly
      5.Ben - Tango and Skidmark
      6.Kaiser - Ripslinger and Guy Gagne
      7.Frank - Sharpes and Bobby
      8.Sergeant Street - Dottie and Paz

  2. Not ugly, but very boring and somewhat annoying. I wanted to watch this movie because I thought that this would be a good and intelligent knock off of Cars. When I watched the movie, it just didn't sync up with the trailer, and instead had little to no music. The movie had boring dialogue that you would expect from any other knock off movie. The 2D graphics were cool, but the 3d graphics were mediocre. The only thing that I remembered from this movie was Putt Putt, because he had one eye, which looked unconvincing. At least this movie wasn't just a goof up like "Wings" or "Little and Big Monsters". Mediocre film.

  3. RIPOFF OF PLANES, TURBO AND CARS! The plot makes no sense, the voices don't match the mouth movements, the movie is in English while the credits have people's names from Malaysia, shit animation, which that poster looks like it's been made by The Asylum Films, bad soundtrack, which they stole the soundtrack of Monsters Inc, Wheely's crash made no sense, Putt Putt is an embarrassing comic relief, Bella dumping Ben throughout the movbie, Crank's face looks way too scary, bad reviews and more. I wish this movie never existed!

    1. And i also wish this movie never gets a sequel called Wheely 2, cause it would ripoff Cars 2, and oh god, it would look even more worse. The animation and character designs are even unconvincing and uglier, even the story is worse. And Wheely, would even more unlikable. And i hope they won't be new characters to be ripoffs of the Cars 1, 2 and 3 charaters like...
      5.Con-Snot Rod
      6.Marley-Francesco Bernoulli
      7.Dr.Wheezes-Professor Z
      8.Tom-Bobby Swift
      9.Parker-Cal Weathers
      10.Sir Gasses-Sir Miles Axelrod
      12.Duke-Bob Sterling
      13.Christina-Natalie Certain
      14.Fire Nick-Red

  4. WTF: Disney and Pixar's 'Cars' Gets An Asylum-Style Knockoff from Malaysia, 'Wheely' When Disney took a long look at the DPixar Animation Studios film Cars, the decision was made to give it a theatrical run of its own. Once intended as a direct-to-disc moneymaker, the movie once knocked as a cash-in knockoff of Disney's work hit the big time.

    That probably won't happen with Wheely. This release from KRU Studios's home department appears to be a gloriously egregious example of exploitation of a young audience's interest in anything that looks like Disney. (And of course kids can tell the difference; it's the distracted adult that might be fooled for a moment.)

    While some advance word on Cars says that it is actually fairly decent, Wheely looks like what The Asylum would make if it used Disney movies as a jumping-off point. Watch the trailer below.

  5. KRU Studios is putting out their own direct-to-DVD knockoff of Cars called Wheely and it pushes the envelope even further in terms of just how cheap and generic it looks. Clearly The Asylum are not the only ones who know how to play the mockbuster game.

  6. Like many of the other animated doppelgangers that exist out there (ie. a Frozen rip-off called Frozen Land), the movie appears to have been produced by and unknown studio (By Phase 4 Films, specifically). However, the surprising thing is that it actually boasts some recognizable voice actors including Ogie Banks, Francis lee and, yep, Gavin Yap. Seriously, are we sure this isn’t a parody? Wheely will be available exclusively at Walmart and Redbox on Aug. 6th; marvel at the wonderfully nuanced trailer after the jump.