11 Jul 2018


THE Accidental Detective 2: In Action is coming to Malaysia cinemas this 12 July. Featuring Korea's favourite detective duo ~ Kwon Sang-Woo and Sung Dong-Il, with an additional member - the Prince of Asia -  Lee Kwang-Soo (Giraffe of 'Running Man' variety show).


“This is a murder case!”
‘Kang Dae-man’, 
Big fan of Sherlock Holmes and a comic book store owner

‘Kang Dae-man’, who used to be an ordinary comic book store owner, was awarded as Perfect Citizen after assisting in solving the coldest case in Korea. Inspired by the incident, he sells the book store while keeping his wife in dark, and opens a detective agency with his fantastic partner ‘Noh Tae-soo’. 

His dream finally come true as he becomes a real detective. However, things didn’t turn out as they have expected and the duo is suffering from a bad business. 

Finally, they receive the first case with a fee of 50 million won as reward. To prove himself as a real detective, ‘Kang Dae-man’ digs up the case in high spirits. However, they only become more confused by a series of suspicious evidence as they further investigate.

Kwon Sang-woo | The Leading Actor of Korean Movie Series

Kwon Sang-woo has played various roles in many works, from the movies My Tutor Friend, Almost Love to TV dramas Stairway to Heaven, King of Ambition, and Queen of Mystery Season 2, the first seasonal drama series for free-to-air TV in Korea. Kwon’s returning to the big screen with The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

“I totally let my freak flag fly during the filming of The Accidental Detective series,” 

He reprise the character ‘Kang Dae-man’ with an upgraded comedic DNA. The hilarious character has the guts to solve every cold case while feeling small at home as an ordinary father and husband 


  • The Accidental Detective: The Beginning (2015)
  • In To the Fire (2010)
  • Fate (2008)
  • Almost Love (2006)
  • Running Wild (2006)
  • The Sad Love Story (2005)
  • Love, So Divine (2004)
  • Once Upon A Time In High School (2004)
  • My Tutor Friend (2003)
  • Make It Big (2002)

TV Dramas:  
  • Queen of Mystery Season 2 (2018)
  • Queen of Mystery (2017)
  • Temptation (2014)
  • Medical Top Team (2013)
  • King of Ambition (2013)
  • Cinderella Man (2009)
  • Bad Love (2007)
  • Stairway to Heaven (2003)
  • Into the Sun> (2003)


“I am the Veteran, You Know”
‘Noh Tae-soo’, the legendary detective 
of the Metropolitan Investigation Team

Known as ‘White Shark’ in the Metropolitan Investigation Team, the legendary detective ‘Noh Tae-soo’ is stuck between demotion and promotion because of his fiery temper. He happened to solve a cold case partnering with ‘Kang Dae-man’, who later joins him in opening their own detective agency. 

Rejecting a promotion in the police office, he becomes a private detective despite his wife’s strong opposition! Finally, the detective duo breaks the ice with a long-awaited first case but the excitement recedes soon. 

With the hunch of the veteran detective, he sees through that the case is not simple at all. Scouting ‘Yeo-chi’, the ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit, he buckles down to the investigation.

Sung Dong-il | Encyclopedia of acting 
Veteran Actor who master a great spectrum of characters

From the despicable hunter in Slave Hunters to the benevolent father in the Reply series, Sung Dong-il shows off his versatile acting styles, playing various characters in movies and TV dramas. Regardless of genres and character types, Sung Dong-il, the “encyclopedia of acting” returns as ‘Noh Tae-soo’, the real detective in The Accidental Detective 2: In Action after three years from the first movie. He will present the audience with triple amusement through a combination of comedy, mystery and action.


  • Wrestler (2018)
  • The Chase (2017)
  • RV: Resurrected Victims (2017)
  • Midnight Runners (2017)
  • Real (2017)
  • The King (2017)
  • A Letter from Prison (2016)
  • The Accidental Detective: The Beginning (2015)

TV Dramas:  
  • Live (2018)
  • Prison Playbook (2017)
  • Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)
  • Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)
  • Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)
  • Dear My Friends (2016)
  • Reply, 1998 (2015)
  • It’s OK, That’s Love (2014)



“I’m A Genius!”
‘Yeo-chi’ a.k.a. ‘Hopper’ , the ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit

‘Yeo-chi’ used to be the top agent in the Cyber Crime Unit. He now runs an online detective agency making the most of his exceptional talents. Specialized in all kinds of illegal surveillance techniques such as bugging and location tracing, he always surprises people around him with his unexpected talents. 

Hooked by a tempting offer of 10% of the fee, he joins the detective duo of ‘Kang Dae-man’ and ‘Noh Tae-soo’, and begins the first undercover operation in his life despite his conspicuous appearance.

Lee Kwang-soo | Versatile Artist
Omnipotent at movies, TV dramas and variety shows

After making a debut in MBC sitcom Here He Comes in 2008, Lee Kwang-soo has played impressive roles in Collective Invention (2015) and Live (2018) with his unique charisma. Known as “the icon of betrayal” in SBS variety show Running Man, he is favored by the audience for his friendly and witty image. 

He is further crowned as the “Asian Prince” by media and fans for his increasing popularity among Southeast Asian audience. Coming back to the big screen, he will play the role of ‘Yeo-chi’ a.k.a. ‘Hopper’, an ex-agent of the Cyber Crime Unit in The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

With his unique charms, he’ll give a boost to the new movie. As he said, “It was a great fun to see these interesting characters in the movie”, raising the movie-goers’ expectations toward the film’s strong casting.


  • Collective Invention (2015)
  • Five Eagle Brothers (2014)
  • Confession (2014)
  • My Little Hero (2003)
  • Wonderful Radio (2012)

TV Dramas:  
  • Live (2018)
  • Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016)
  • The Sound of Your Heart (2016)
  • Dear My Friends (2016)
  • That’s OK, It’s Love (2014) 


The Accident Detective 2: In Action 
is an ultimate assembly of cinematic pleasure”
The vivid characters will showcase a real comedy 
and upscale the The Accident Detective Series

The Alchemist of Characters
Director | Lee Eon-hee

Director Lee Eon-hee made her directorial debut with the romantic movie …ing. It depicts the sad love story between a high school girl who suffers from a terminal illness and a regular college student who lives nearby. 

Given her profound insights of characters and firm directing capability, the director heralded the successful debut in the film industry. Her unique sensitivity and delicate directorial style were recognized broadly through Love Exposure (starring Lee Mi-yeon) which depicts the agonies of a woman in her 30s. 

The director has further proved her unlimited talents with her recent thriller Missing, which tells the story of a mother looking for her missing child with the nanny. With her exceptional works, Lee Eon-hee has cemented herself as a representative female director in Chungmoo-ro, the Korean equivalent of Hollywood. 

Developing her own filmography career, Lee Eon-hee has taken up a new challenge with the comedy crime movie The Accidental Detective 2: In Action. Given her extraordinary sensibility in depicting characters, she revealed, 

“I wanted to make each character in this movie relating back to the audience like real friends, family, or neighbors by giving them their own liveliness.” 

She will present the audience with a funny and empathic comedy focusing on a more vivid character group than the previous movie. Moreover, she remarked, 

“I am ambitious to direct a movie series which is rarely found in the Korean film industry, and I’ll do my best to carry on the The Accidental Detective series.” 

She confidently said, 

“As the first movie The Accidental Detective: The Beginning was well received by the audience, The Accidental Detective 2: In Action will captivate the audience with its upgraded storyline and comedic elements”. 

Likewise with the enthusiastic cast, Lee Eon-hee is committed to bring a new Korean movie series to life, through the upcoming title The Accidental Detective: In Action this June. 


  • Missing (2006)
  • Love Exposure (2007)
  • …ing (2003)

[CREDIT: ATriNaga]

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