15 Mac 2018


SINGAPORE Dance Theatre (SDT) returns to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the ninth consecutive year with Ballet Illuminations from 16 to 25 May 2018, Pentas 1 at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). 

We will first be performing a neoclassical weekend which consists of George Balanchine’s Rubies, inspired by the jewels of Van Cleef & Arpels, Kinsun Chan’s all male ballet Sticks and Stones and Symphony in Three Movements by Nils Christe.

This is followed by classical highlights the next weekend. We will be bringing to you Act III of Coppélia, Act II of The Nutcracker and Kitri’s Wedding of Don Quixote. For the first time we will also be presenting a special ballet for children, Peter and Blue’s Birthday Party on 21 March. SDT will also be offering its annual Master Class with Artistic Director Janek Schergen on two Saturdays, 17 & 24 March, 10am – 11.30am, at klpac. Ballet Illuminations is a joint collaboration between Singapore Dance Theatre and klpac. 

Artistic Director Janek Schergen comments, “Singapore Dance Theatre began its annual visits to Malaysia for performances in 2010, with our first invitation from klpac. The audiences there welcomed SDT with a warmth and generosity that has led to our annual visits and now we find ourselves looking forward, each year, to our annual season in Kuala Lumpur. 

In selecting and planning our performances, we showcase some of the important repertoire we present in Singapore. This year, in Kuala Lumpur, we will offer a programme with something for everyone. 

Our first weekend (16-18 March) consists of a triple bill of neoclassical gems that includes George Balanchine’s Rubies, Kinsun Chan’s unique, Sticks and Stones and Nils Christe’s dramatic Symphony in Three Movements. In addition, the following weekend, (23-25 March) we will offer an evening of classical ballet divertissements, including Coppélia Act III The Nutcracker Act II, and Kitri’s Wedding, the final act of Don Quixote. 

We will also present two special performances of our children’s ballet, Peter and Blue’s Birthday party, made especially for young audiences, on 21 March. We like to offer you a balance of our repertoire’s highlights so you can experience us at our best. It is our pleasure to have been welcomed so generously to Malaysia for performances for so many years now!” 

SDT will perform on 16 & 23 March at 8.30pm, 17 & 24 March at 3pm and 8.30pm and 18 & 25 March at 2pm. Peter and Blue’s Birthday Party will be on 21 March at 3pm and 8.30pm. This performance is made possible with the support of YTL Corporation Berhad, National Arts Council Singapore, and KLPAC. 

Rubies by George Balanchine 

Kinsun Chan’s Sticks and Stones Nils Christe’s Symphony in Three Movements 

Rubies by George Balanchine 
Rubies is the middle segment of Jewels, a three-act plotless ballet by George Balanchine. Jewels uses the music of three very different composers. Balanchine was inspired by the artistry of jewelry designer Claude Arpels, and chose music revealing the essence of each jewel. Each section of the ballet is distinct in both music and mood. 

Emeralds, which Balanchine considered “an evocation of France — the France of elegance, comfort, dress, perfume,” recalls the 19th century dances of the French Romantics. Rubies is crisp and witty, epitomizing the collaboration of Stravinsky and Balanchine. Diamonds recalls the order and grandeur of Imperial Russia and the Maryiinsky Theater, where Balanchine was trained. 

Rubies was acquired through the financial sponsorship of the Artistic Director's Fund. 

The performance of Rubies, a Balanchine® Ballet, is presented by arrangement with The George Balanchine Trust and has been produced in accordance with the Balanchine Style® and Balanchine Technique® Service standards established and provided by the Trust. 

Sticks and Stones by Kinsun Chan 

Inspired by the many existing tribes, Sticks and Stones looks at the customs and traditions which have developed in each tribes specific surroundings, influencing their social structure and behaviour down to the most human primal instinct. 

Dance has often been an integral part of tribes from sport, celebration, rituals or in act of war, but what is common is that its body language often develops from the depths of the soul and is born from the gut, which is the essential core in the development of this work. 

Sticks and Stones was created for SDT, and acquired through the Ambassador's Circle 2015. 

Symphony in Three Movements by Nils Christe 

Symphony in Three Movements was choreographed by Dutch choreographer, Nils Christe, and features a large cast of twelve couples. With movements that embody the ache and longings during a war time, Nils Christe shares more: 

“Igor Stravinsky wrote “Symphony in Three Movements” while he was in America during the Second World War, after having seen photos and film material of the terrible things that went on in Europe. This is why the symphony is also called “War Symphony”. 

Although my choreographic work of Symphony in Three Movements is not a story ballet about the war, there are many elements that refer to the feelings and emotions of people during a war: fright, anger, hiding, running, saying farewells, to name just a few. The last image is that of a woman, telling her man who is about to leave for the war, that there is a new life inside of her. 

Symphony in Three Movements was originally created for The Royal Ballet of Flanders and has since premiered in Granada (Spain), and have been included in the repertoire of The Paris Opera Ballet, as well as the Ecole de Danse of the Paris Opera, Ballet de Capitole (Toulouse), Ballet de l’Opera de Lyon, Nancy and Nice in France, Deutsche Oper Berlin and Thuringen Ballett in Germany, Scapino Ballet and Introdans in Holland, Royal Danish Ballet, and the Hong Kong Ballet, who took Symphony in Three Movements on a tour in the States. The piece has been a raving success worldwide and I am thrilled with the invitation of Janek Schergen to present Symphony in Three 
Movements now with Singapore Dance Theatre.” 

Kitri’s Wedding from Don Quixote Coppélia Act III 

Coppélia Act III 

The village celebrates the Festival of the Bells. All the couples that marry on this day will be especially blessed. Dr. Coppélius forces his way through the festivities and tells of what has happened. To commemorate the day, divertissements are presented that show the morning hours, which leads to dawn, prayer, the harvesters and the betrothal couples, culminating in the wedding of Swanilda and Franz. The end brings calm to the village and the joy to all whose marriage has been blessed that day. 

The Nutcracker Act II 

Clara continues her journey further until she arrives at the magical Kingdom of Sweets. Clara’s sister, Marie and Kristian, greet her as the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince. Everyone from the Land of Sweets comes to entertain Clara with wondrous dances; including divertissements from Spain, China, France, Arabia plus the Toy Soldiers, the Harlequins, the Waltz of the Flowers and the pas de deux of Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier. 

Kitri’sWedding from Don Quixote 

Set in Spain, Don Quixote tells a story of love, betrayal, and eternal devotion written by Miguel de Cervantes. Kitri, the beautiful daughter of Lorenzo the innkeeper, has fallen in love with Basilio, a poor young barber. After a series of chivalrous acts, whimsical twists, Kitri and Basilio finally celebrate their marriage with a grand pas de deux, a glittering showstopper displaying the dazzling feats of partnering. 


Title : Ballet Illuminations 
Date : 16 – 25 March 2018 
Venue : The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac), Pentas 1 


SDT was founded in 1988 by Goh Soo Khim and Anthony Then. Since then, SDT has developed into Singapore’s premiere professional dance company comprising. In the course of each year, the Company performs six main seasons, including the widely popular Ballet Under the Stars at the Fort Canning Park, two full length classics, Masterpiece in Motion which brings together three works of the finest international choreography and Passages Contemporary Season. 

As an ambassador for dance and for Singapore, the company aims to be an internationally well-regarded professional dance company that is known for its unique ability to shine in classical, neo-classical and contemporary repertoire with works that are timeless and inspiring. 

The Company’s repertoire ranges from classical to contemporary ballet, from renowned choreographers like Choo-San Goh, George Balanchine, Jiri Kylian, Stanton Welch, Natalie Weir, Val Caniparoli, Graham Lustig, David Dawson, Jorma Elo, Edmund Stripe, Kinsun Chan, Edwaard Liang, Nils Christe, Toru Shimazaki, Christina Chan, Ma Cong, and most recently Timothy Harbour, resident choreographer of Australian Ballet. 

In 2008, Janek Schergen was appointed as the Artistic Director of SDT, after his extensive involvement with SDT since its inception years in 1988. Under his leadership, the Company has made new achievements in the international and Singapore  dance arena. In the last ten years, the Company has added 28 world premieres and 18 company premieres and new productions  to the repertoire, in addition to numerous revivals of the existing Company’s repertoire. Janek is also the Artistic Director of the Choo-San Goh & H. Robert Magee Foundation which oversees the licensing and production of Choo San Goh's ballets and the annual Choo San Goh Awards for Choreography. 

SDT actively reaches out to the public to create greater awareness of dance through outreach to schools with its Arts Education Programme, Dance Appreciation Series (jointly presented with Esplanade Co.), Adults Dance Classes, Scholars Programme for students considering dancing as a career, SDT choreographic workshop focusing on local emerging talents and One @ the Ballet, an initiative to help the public gain a better understanding of the different aspects of dance. 

In 2013, SDT moved to a new premise with four state of the art studios. Additionally the Company will be enhancing efforts in Education and Outreach, bringing greater awareness and appreciation for dance to a wider audience. 

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